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Mental Health🧠

Mental health struggles in teens all over the world are beginning to become startling. Not only have teen suicide rates increased by 60% between 2007 and 2018, but the services necessary to help those in crisis have not. In times so hard on teens in specific; one may wonder what can be done to make a difference. This is where our mental health page comes in. We have created a source for all of your questions related to mental health struggles in teens, Including helping friends and family in crisis (no matter how big or small), how parents can support their teens struggling with mental health issues, destigmatizing mental health, and finally; ways to get involved. We hope you enjoy what we've created, and take something away from it!

In crisis? Help is available.

You never need to feel like you are alone. Trained professionals are here to offer support. Please contact one of these lines in an emergency- or before. <3



Helping Friends and Family

 It can often be better to ask direct questions rather than vague ones, and It's usually better to address the person’s feelings directly rather than avoiding them.

Asking someone about suicide doesn’t usually mean that they’re more likely to kill themselves. And it might be a relief to them to talk about it.

-only do what your kid is comfortable with

-don't force them to do anything

-offer therapy

-give them a hug when its hard instead of

bombarding them with questions

-let them open up to you, don't pry at them for information

-trust them

De-stigmatizing Mental Health

When talking to someone who is struggling:

- listen to their feelings with an open mind

- Encourage them to talk to a trusted adult

- Don’t try to give advice if you don’t know what to say

- Don’t minimize their emotions (You’re fine, cheer up)

- Don’t judge 

- Check-in on them 

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Get Involved

Sometimes it can feel like mental health has become such a huge issue in our society, that we  feel as if there is nothing we can do to change the way things are. And although it may feel like this, there are actually quite a few ways you can help out people (specifically teens) struggling with mental health crises.


Inpatient facilities in Oregon


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