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Friend Story

"I love being a friend of a cancer patient because it has taught me so much more about life. I don’t always expect things to come for me anymore, I have to work hard for them. Knowing what my friend had to go through is so hard, but she is still here today because she is so brave to do everything." -Naya (Friend to a Survivor)

"Being a friend to someone with cancer is the same thing as being a normal friend; just checking up on them and offering help can make a big difference. Just being kind and giving them someone to count on. 

All you need to do is let them know that they're worth it and that they can count on you. Just let them know you are there. It was hard because I was really worried, but it worked out in the end, and you just have to try and be there the whole time." - Rhys (Friend to a Survivor)

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